Power Defense

What will you build?
And how will you defend it?

Eaton's new globally rated, Power Defense circuit breakers

Before you think about what you are building next, think about how you will defend it. You need a device with connected and communicating built-in electronics, ability to generate the data to help you optimize your facilities performance, and the ability to mitigate arc flash keeping your employees, customers and end-users safe. With Eaton’s new globally rated Power Defense molded case circuit breakers, you can now plan with confidence. Start planning your defense now.

Arc flash reduction
Built-in communications

Power Defense intelligent circuit breaker

Intelligent circuit breakers provide greater safety, offer data and built-in reporting and can be used anywhere. They deliver on the promise of making your life easier, protecting your dreams, team and reputation.

Smart circuit breakers deliver the future today.

Protected: arc flash reduction and more

The Power Defense circuit breakers deliver arc flash reduction technologies that allow you to better protect your customers, your staff and your reputation. Built in technologies secure enhance safety.

  • Reduce arc flash energy levels
    Eaton's ArcFlash Reduction Maintenance System™ helps protect workers by reducing dangerous and potential arc flash incident energy levels. It enabling workers to activate this system from a safe distance without altering critical protection settings of the breaker.
  • Faster trip times
    Zone Selective Interlock (ZSI) technology protects equipment by intelligently selecting faster trip times in coordinated systems, an advantage which can keep operators safe and productive. Power Defense circuit breakers advance this proven technology by providing the ability to test the ZSI system functionality while visually indicating its operational status.
  • Preempt impending system failures
    Our Power Xpert® Release (PXR) electronic trip units are equipped with the latest microprocessor technology that notify you when your power distribution system needs to be maintained or replaced. PXR trip units also offer programmable relay alarms, which provide situational awareness to preempt impending system failures, keeping your facility on-line, safe, and productive.
icon, protected - arc flash reduction is built in to Power Defense circuit breakers

Connected: built-in communications

Stay connected with advanced circuit breaker technology that warns of impending problems. Customize programmable trip units to meet your needs. Power Defense circuit breakers keep you informed.

  • Built-in communications - stay connected and informed
    Power Defense MCCBs with Power Xpert Release electronic trip units feature built-in communications allowing you to use fewer components and a simplified design while keeping your system connected, and customers informed. With the optional second independent communications channel through an external module, you have unprecedented connectivity options.
  • Programmable trip units
    The PXR trip unit family has models that will cover all of your needs, including fully programmable models that enable ultimate customizability and flexibility, as well as value models that offer all of the benefits of electronic trip units, with simple set up and coordination.
  • Measure and report on energy consumption
    PXR technology provides the embedded ability to accurately measure energy consumption with no additional meters or equipment, delivering critical data about your power distribution system and energy use in your facility. PXR trip units timestamp captured events, and store critical data and waveforms associated with each event for fault analysis and forensic timeline reconstruction. 

Globally rated: IEC - CCC - UL - CSA

A single piece of electical circuit protection that can be used anywhere you travel, that is what Power Defense breakers offer.  Where ever you go, support goes with you, with our online resources. Global keeps you nimble.

  • One breaker anywhere in the world
    Power Defense MCCBs are globally certified to meet your local requirements while empowering you to build and design systems that can be used anywhere in the world. Wherever Eaton does business, Power Defense MCCBs are there, backed by Eaton’s global support and fulfillment network, with the right resources in place to minimize your project lead-time and maximize your uptime.
  • Online instructions, support, and a product selector
    Integrating new products can be a challenge, which is why the Power Defense MCCBs are available with online instructions, support, and product selector: these tools help you engineer and deliver your projects quickly, ultimately improving your bottom line.
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Power Defense: safe-guarding what is important

Your dream

Whether you’re building production capacity or a legacy, the green factory of the future or the newest high-rise on the next horizon, Power Defense circuit breakers protect your ideas as they are realized in concrete and steel.

Your team

Developers, architects, engineers, contractors—all builders are part of a team. Power Defense circuit breakers protect your people, your power, and the bottom line, giving your team the confidence that comes with security.

Your reputation

When it comes to securing business, reputation is everything. That’s why Eaton is fully committed to its globally rated Power Defense circuit breakers. Secure your build and protect your reputation with the advanced protection and technology of Power Defense circuit breakers.