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Magnetics (inductors and transformers)

Eaton offers a wide range of power magnetics components for a broad array of applications. Its automotive solutions allow for a wide operating temperature range and is built for rugged environments. Aside from automotive, Eaton’s inductor and transformer families are offered in a wide variety of sizes, have high current capabilities and high power densities.
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26 Watt PoE Transformer

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4-13 Watt PoE Transformer

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Common mode inductor

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Custom Designs

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DRAQ Inductor

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Econo-pac (EP) Inductor

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HC2LP Inductor

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HC8LP Inductor

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HCM1AV2 Inductor

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HCM1A Inductor

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HCMA Inductor

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HCPT Inductor

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IC Reference Designs

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LCPI Inductor

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MCL Inductors

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MCLA Inductor

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MP2A Inductor

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MPIA Inductor

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Octa-Pac (OP) Inductor

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VP Transformer

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WCLA Inductor