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eMobility is a new business within Eaton that combines elements of our Electrical and Vehicle businesses to deliver electric vehicle solutions to passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-highway OEMs.

Forward-thinking EV solutions

The electric revolution is here -- and electric vehicle (EV) consumers have high safety, efficiency, and technology demands. Vehicle manufacturers are tasked with responding quickly with innovations that perform and inspire, while managing the dynamics of the market, regulations that push towards zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV), and increasing cost pressures. With a broad spectrum of experience and resources in industrial electrical applications and vehicle systems, Eaton is the right partner to help hybrid (PHEV, HEV) and battery electric vehicle (BEV) manufacturers take on these unique electrification challenges.

The eMobility business at Eaton is dedicated to helping manufacturers: 

  • Engineer the safest possible electric vehicles
  • Develop the most efficient and effective EV designs
  • Sell and support a global technology platform
We’re helping to drive adoption and evolve EV technology at our sweet spot: the convergence of electrical and mechanical power. And we’re dedicated to bringing more innovative ideas to life; through our global R&D and manufacturing facilities, we deliver the quality products our partners - and their customers - demand. 

We make the electric revolution work.*

Eaton combines years of electrical, mechanical and fluid power management expertise to create innovative, sustainable vehicle electrification technologies. Together we can explore the possibilities and evolve transportation to carry customers with greater safety and efficiency. Because that's what matters. And we're here to make it work.

    We have extensive expertise in the vehicle market, including system integration, and we understand the demands of developing products with high reliability and durability.

    Scott Adams, SVP, eMobility at Eaton
    Engineer drawing on glass

    A system-level approach

    Using our capabilities in safety, scalability, thermal management and fuel efficiency, we're developing products in these areas for hybrid and battery electric vehicles:

    • Predictive health monitoring of critical electronics
    • Active monitoring of power usage
    • Advanced circuit protection
    • Improved system efficiency 

    eMobility careers

    The future of transportation is electrified. We make what matters work by helping to reduce the environmental impact of transportation around the world. Join our growing eMobility team today!

    Engineers working on electrical components