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Power distribution and protection

High-quality power distribution and protection technologies that enhance safety and enable smart diagnostics.

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Breaktor circuit protection

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FLEX power distribution unit (PDU)

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Intelligent power distribution unit - active

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Power distribution unit - passive

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Series 12000 battery equalizer (12010E10)

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We make the electric revolution work.*

Eaton combines years of electrical, mechanical and fluid power management expertise to create innovative, sustainable vehicle electrification technologies. Together we can explore the possibilities and evolve transportation to carry customers with greater safety and efficiency. Because that's what matters. And we're here to make it work.

Customer needs:

  • Protection of expensive electronics and energy storage
  • Efficient distribution of electric power
  • Preventive health monitoring
  • Discreetly measure power consumption

Eaton competencies:

  • Deep expertise in compact circuit protection devices
  • Wide range of power distribution and protection solutions
  • Intelligent and predictive health monitoring technology
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We're leveraging our expertise in high voltage industrial applications to develop xEV components and systems that deliver predictive health monitoring of critical electronics, active monitoring of power usage, and advanced circuit protection.