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Fuel cell

TVS technology is a highly efficient and versatile air compressor for both mobile and stationary fuel cell cathode air supply applications.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles rely on an air management device as a vital component in the reaction process. Driven by a DC electric motor, Eaton TVS technology pushes air through the fuel cell stack, in which oxygen in the air combines with hydrogen to generate electricity for propulsion. Light-duty automotive applications using up to a 75kW module are well-suited for the TVS R340 model. For medium-duty automotive and commercial bus (coach) applications with up to a 150kW module, the TVS R410 model is the best fit.


  • 4-lobed involute profile rotors with 160˚ helical twist
  • Positive pressure seals protect compressor oil from entering air stream


  • Significant noise and heat reduction than comparable twin screw compressor
  • Larger efficiency window than centrifugal compressors

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TVS has several innovative features that make it reliable and efficient.