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Engine valves and valvetrain

Our valve actuation technologies are designed to achieve the highest valvetrain dynamic performance, ensuring low friction losses, and minimal component wear. Our rocker arms, roller rocker arms, hydraulic lifters, and hydraulic lash adjusters maintain precise valve lash and enable low friction, maintenance-free operation throughout the engine's lifecycle.
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Deactivating Hydraulic Lash Adjuster

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Decompression Engine Brake

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Diesel Variable Valve Actuation

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Engine valves

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Hydraulic lash adjusters

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Switching Roller Finger Follower

Eaton helps vehicle and engine manufacturers meet the demand for more efficient engines with a comprehensive valvetrain portfolio for any valvetrain type. We are the leading producer of engine valves in the world, producing over one million valves per day and supplying many production and aftermarket customers. 

If you are an engine manufacturer searching for valvetrain solutions for overhead camshaft (OHC) or overhead valve (OHV) engines, Eaton has a solution for you.