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Fluid conveyance solutions for liquid cooling data centers

Count on Eaton’s decades of liquid cooling experience in data centers

Fluid conveyance solutions for liquid cooling data centers multi-tenant and hyperscale

From main supply lines to smaller feeder lines, Eaton has a full portfolio to solve your liquid cooling needs.

For technology focused liquid cooling data centers, Eaton offers a proven industry leading portfolio which is known for reliability and decades of proven performance. Rest easy knowing your cooling liquid will continue to provide top performance instead of risk.

MLDB series flat face dry break coupling

Eaton’s MLDB series stainless steel coupling is a flat face/dry break coupling ideal for liquid cooling applications. Designed with a focus on high flow rate and low pressure drops this coupling is perfect for smaller connection lines.

  • Safety sleeve lock prevents accidental disconnections
  • Push to connect with double shut-off valving
  • Stainless steelMLDB series flat face dry break coupling


Eaton RCC series rack cooling connector quick disconnect coupling

Quick disconnect coupling designed to integrate with server rack mounts. Coupling automatically connects and disconnects when server hardware is locked in position. This provides a cleaner solution and reduces routing clutter in an already challenging environment.

-Dual valve design to minimize leakage

-Stainless steel

ADB series flat face quick disconnect couplings

Eaton’s flat face aluminum (ADB) coupling is a lightweight, strong dry break coupling featuring Eaton’s proprietary profile and alignment features providing easy connection.

  •  Ideal for smaller supply lines when superior performance is needed compared to plastic couplings
  • Optional color anodized option to aid in connection matching
  • Aluminum

Thermoformed solution

Eaton’s thermoformed hose assembly solution provides the optimum solution for liquid cooling applications. This solution removes leak points common with other systems and provides excellent flow performance giving your data center the most compact and cleanest routing.

FD83 series full flow dual interlocking coupling

Eaton’s FD83 coupling is designed for electronics cooling applications where full flow, fluid compatibility and safety are essential. The FD83 features a proprietary interlock feature that prevents spills and ensure maximum safety in critical environments. Stainless steel, other material types available upon request. Ideal for 1 inch or greater supply lines.

Supply line hose (Standard)

H201 Eaton easy couple hose

Hose ideal for liquid cooling supply lines when leak free connections around electronics are required. H201 provides excellent fitting retention with no crimping required when matched with qualified Eaton’s barb connectors.

  • Available in red, green, gray, and custom colors

FC332 AQP High temp socketless hose (Premium)

Textile braid reinforcement with higher temperature performance when compared to H201.

  • To be used in critical thermal applications

EHW023 Hot water discharge hose

Eaton’s hot water discharge hose is ideal for large supply lines where both chilled and hot water need to be routed with confidence in critical applications. This high-tensile strength synthetic textile EPDM rubber hose can be UL certified to meet your application.

Let Eaton solve all your liquid cooling challenges

From main supply lines to single point connections, Eaton fluid conveyance products provide the hardware to make your software work.

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