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Engineering Capabilities

Eaton's world class engineering and design expertise are leading the way in developing efficient and cost effective fuel emissions products. 

Engineering Capabilities

  • Research and Design Engineering following DFSS standards
  • Rapid 3-D models
  • CFD
  • FEA
  • Full CAD Capabilities 
  • Test Facilities 
    • Refueling capabilities including temperature, flow rate, and RVP variables. 
  • FTIR materials analysis
  • Environmental testing 
  • Fuel conditioning
  • Hydrocarbon permeation testing (isothermal method)
  • Helium leak testing 
  • Process Engineering 
  • Lean manufacturing capabilities
  • 370 million valves shipped for ORVR systems

Full Service Engineering Support

  • Full service design from concept to launch 
    • Prototyping 
    • Vehicle level testing
  • Complete fuel tank system evaluation 
    • Design studies
    • Simulation tools - FEA/CAD 
    • Grade Vent studies and valve placement
    • Fill quality and capacity 
    • Liquid discrimination and pressure control 
    • Overall system tuning and performance testing
  • Full validation lab DV / PV: ISO / TS 16949 certified

Test Labs

Eaton's engineering facilities are fully equipped to execute the most comprehensive testing and validation of our fuel emissions products. Our extensive experience in fuel system design and tuning ensures we have the knowledge to design, test and prove products for even the most challenging emissions regulations.

Liquid shut-off height test stand
Liquid shut-off height test stand
Vibration test stand 
Vibration Test Stand
Metrology lab capabilities
Metrology lab testing

Product Durability Testing 

  • Pressure and Temperature Cycling 
  • Vibration 
  • Shock and Impact
  • Certified Fuels, Biofuels, and Urea
  • Heated Fuel Soaks -4oC to 85oC
  • ICV Mechanical Durability
  • FLVV Mechanical Durability

Tank Development and Testing 

  • Fuel conditioning system 
  • Liquid discrimination/slosh testing 
  • Tank roll-over
  • Grade retention
  • Mechatronic controls & development capabilities

Liquid, Air, & Helium Performance

  • Simulated Fill
  • Closure and Reopen 
  • Air Testing 
  • Positive Flow
  • Vacuum Flow 
  • Flow Calibration 
  • Liquid Seal Testing -4oC to 85oC
  • Helium Leak Testing


Material Testing 

  • Densimeter
  • Micro hardness tester
  • Instron force tester 
  • FTIR - Infrared materielas composition analyzer