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IoT Digital Solution

Eaton’s ground fueling products for commercial and military aircraft employ state-of-the-art technologies that optimize efficiency, reliability and dependability.

Ground Fueling IoT Digital Solution

Eaton’s integrated platform solution for ground fueling offers a suite of tools that make fueling operations safer, faster, easier and more efficient.

Eaton’s cloud-based technology offers advanced features to enhance operational performance

Fuel faster with advanced flow and pressure technology.

  • Digital pressure control supports up to 30% faster refuels with low-pressure drop while eliminating air-freeze issues and fuel-to-air contamination. Operators will appreciate the streamlined set-up process and uncomplicated dashboard. 

Increase safety and reduce unscheduled downtime through filter monitoring, life prediction, and automatic fault detection and shut-down.

  • Differential pressure filter monitors for actual Delta P across the filter and alerts for corrected max flow filter Delta P. It shuts down fueling at higher specified limits and when it detects filter ruptures. Filter life prediction prevents unplanned downtime. 
  • Water ppm is continuously measured in real time, recorded and logged for historic reference. The system alerts and shuts down refueling at higher specified limits while eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual testing kits.
  • E-ticketing electronically captures fueling data and sends digital receipts to customers from an 8-inch handheld LCD tablet. It digitally stores all tickets and ensures that customers receive exact fueling and billing totals, while generating pre-populated schedules and fueling reports for operators and managers.

Benefit from user-friendly fleet management analytics for operators and supervisors.

  • Cloud-based analytics offer an unprecedented view into operational fleet performance. Fleet managers now have a customizable dashboard for viewing operator, equipment and fueling performance, including refueling times, asset utilization, smart schedule management, visual fleet operations, and more.
  • Expandable platform enables future integration of additional sensors such as additive injection or filter particle count sensors.

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