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From data centers and factories to high-rises and hospitals, today’s commercial, residential and industrial facilities are perpetually short on capital, space and time. Using busway in place of cable and conduit to distribute electrical power can help building owners save all three commodities in significant amounts.
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Non-Segregated Phase Bus Duct

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Pow-R-Flex Busway

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Pow-R-Trak Busway

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Pow-R-Way III Busway

Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio

Eaton’s comprehensive portfolio of busway solutions offers endless possibilities for meeting today’s ever-changing power requirements.

Busway Infrared Joint Cover

This new cover allows safe and efficient temperature reading of busway joints.

The differences between indoor, sprinkler-proof and outdoor rated busway

Watch the video to learn about the applicable conditions for busway installation.

Calculate the savings

Learn how busway reduces installation costs compared to traditional cable management systems