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Real-time monitoring and interval data analytics

Leverage you real-time energy data

To fully leverage your real-time energy data (electricity, steam, gas, water, temperature, and more), that data should be analyzed alongside your actual utility bills and costs, not an estimated average cost.  You can do exactly that with Eaton's Power Xpert Energy Visualization and Analysis (PXEVA) software.

Such a simple approach results in overestimating savings/cost avoidance opportunities or worse yet missed opportunities caused by underestimating the true value and overstating the payback period.

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Interval Data Analytics module

Often, analysis can become challenging when dealing with a large portfolio of buildings serviced by multiple utility providers.  PXEVA easy access to all interval and real-time data (5-second to 60-minute interval updates), offering multiple visuals for analysis and actionable insight through the Interval Data Analytics module (or Real-Time Monitoring module if the interval data is provided by a pulse output in real-time).  
The interval data dashboard provides a high-level visual of your meter’s interval data in the respective intervals, which can be viewed by current day, week, month, year, or a selected time period such as “Billing Period”.
PXEVA screenshot of interval analytics
PXEVA software - interval data analytics reporting

Heat map and monthly profile visuals

The heat map visual and the monthly profiles visual provide insight into how energy is used throughout the respective period of time and makes it easy to spot any operational anomalies. 

From the broad picture to the most granular data, each visualization helps to identify any type of energy inefficiency and take advantage of opportunities to save.

Knowing exactly when and how your energy is being used in your building is essential to limiting demand, decreasing consumption, and ultimately saving you money.   
PXEVA screenshot of real time monitoring
PXEVA software - real-time monitoring tools