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Marina and RV parks solutions

Eaton's power pedestals are the most innovative in the industry. Complete your next marina project with Eaton's portfolio of electrical solutions with the highest quality power pedestals and distribution equipment. Managing power at festivals and promotional events is no easy task. Providing safe temporary power is handled through our line of custom event panels products.
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Go to Admiral SS Power Pedestal

Admiral SS Power Pedestal

Go to Event Panel (Standalone Pedestal)

Event Panel (Standalone Pedestal)

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Event Panel (Wall Mount)

Go to Firehouse Power Pedestal

Firehouse Power Pedestal

Go to Hatteras Light Power Pedestal

Hatteras Light Power Pedestal

Go to Lighthouse Power Pedestal

Lighthouse Power Pedestal

Go to Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal

Lighthouse SS Power Pedestal

Go to Marina Substations

Marina Substations

Go to Mariner Lighting Bollard

Mariner Lighting Bollard

Go to MegaYacht Powerpoint

MegaYacht Powerpoint

Go to Newport Camp Mate Pedestal

Newport Camp Mate Pedestal

Go to Newport Harbor Mate Power Pedestal

Newport Harbor Mate Power Pedestal

Go to Power pedestal accessories

Power pedestal accessories

Go to Powerhouse Pedestal

Powerhouse Pedestal

Go to Powerhouse SS Pedestal

Powerhouse SS Pedestal

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Powerslide RV Pedestal