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Fire prevention

When extreme environmental conditions combine with the complexity of the electrical grid, the potential for catastrophic level events is present. But it's impossible to predict when an incident will occur and taking the grid offline—leaving households and businesses in the dark—is rarely a viable option.The only real line of defense against the threat of wildfires? A fortified electrical distribution system.

Reduce the threat of wildfires with electrical distribution system enhancements  

Address a growing concern

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Fortifying the electric grid against the threat of wildfires has never been more important. In fact, research shows that wildfires impacted 6.6 million acres each year on average between 2018 and 2008.[1] Over the last thirty years, the reach of wildfires in the U.S has nearly doubled.

While fires in the West have covered more acres, wildfires actually occur more frequently in the East,[2] making wildfire mitigation strategies key to utility risk management programs across North America.

Utilities are expanding wildfire prevention efforts and seeking solutions to strengthen the electric grid while reducing the potential that any element on the system could inadvertently contribute to a wildfire event. In addition, many states and even local municipalities are developing fire-hardening legal requirements for utilities. For example, in California, recent regulations like Senate Bill 901 enhance the wildfire mitigation plans that companies must file with the state Public Utility Commission.

Utilities rely on Eaton to help modernize the electric grid and protect people, processes and the planet. Our utility equipment experts are working hand-in-hand with organizations around the U.S. to customize and deploy site-ready solutions for fire hardening.

[1] Source: Congressional Research Service, November 2018.

[2] Source: National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) cited by the Congressional Research Service.

Take the lead in wildfire protection

Eaton recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to addressing wildfire hazards. The risks vary by region and are specific to the dynamics of the local electric grid.

With solutions built on a foundation of intelligence, expertise and security, Eaton can help you reduce risk and meet more stringent specifications and codes. Eaton is uniquely positioned to help utilities expand fire prevention efforts through leading-edge solutions that are customizable and site ready for fire hardening.


Site-ready solutions help fire-harden the electric grid

Eaton is a partner with a proven track record of creating smart and adaptable power systems. We’re providing the solutions that help utilities manage risks related to wildfires. 


Eaton’s California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) compliant fusing options:





Fuse type

Full range current limiting fuse

Full range current limiting fuse

Expulsion fuse

Holder type

Standard interchangeable cutout

CMU fuse open distribution cutout

CMU fuse open distribution cutout

kV rating

8.3 kV, 15.0 kV and 23.0 kV

8.3 kV, 15.5 kV, 17.0 kV and 23.0kV

17.0 kV, 27.0 kV and 38.0 kV

Max current rating

20 A to 100 A

50 A to 140 A

200 A

Max interrupting rating (kA rms symmetrical)

13 kA to 43 kA

50 kA

10 kA to 14 kA

Site-ready solutions

ELF current-limiting dropout fuse

Eaton’s Cooper Power series ELF current-limiting dropout fuse is a full-range current-limiting fuse designed for mounting in an industry-standard interchangeable cutout that is presently used for expulsion fuses. The ELF fuse is designed to be used to protect pole-type transformers, single-phase and three-phase laterals and underground taps.

UltraSIL polymer-insulated 17 and 27 kV CMU fuse holder cutouts increase interrupting ratings and decrease exhaust

Eaton’s Cooper Power series UltraSIL polymer‑insulated cutout incorporates an industry-recognized silicone rubber insulating material with superior hydrophobic qualities. Eaton offers cutout polymer designs, which provide reliable overcurrent protection for primary distribution circuits.

Ultimate protection with CMU power fuses

Cooper Power series CMU power fuses provide ultimate protection from 17 thru 38 kV. These fuses come in three speeds and K, E and SE ratings to meet every application

Protection and sectionalizing from X-Limiter current-limiting fuses

Cooper Power series X-Limiter full-range current-limiting fuses are used for transformer protection, capacitor protection and sectionalizing. Their non-gas evolving element design allows for maximum energy limitation and minimum peak arc voltages without corrosive by-products, significantly limiting the electrical and mechanical stresses on the protected equipment. The X-Limiter is tested to meet ANSI/IEEE Standard design requirements for power fuses as well as distribution class fuses.

Watch the ELF fusion in action

The ELF fuse is a full range, current-limiting dropout fuse with a self-contained design that eliminates noise and potential expulsive showers.