Smart energy

Eaton’s smart home energy portfolio, powered by Brightlayer, enables the future of your customer's energy transition and sustainability needs through intelligent devices and securely connected platforms that also help increase your productivity, all sourced through one trusted provider. 

Our smart energy portfolio supports energy transition utilizing digital platform elements and ensuring the tightest cybersecurity features.

Ribbon of digital data, digital transformation

Eaton has been a leader in technology for over a hundred years. Digital solutions have been a focus for many, starting with foundational elements like firmware, software, cloud architecture, and UI / mobile app development. The latest developments in energy transition has allowed us to focus on more sustainable solutions for our customers, which has resulted in the smart home energy portfolio.

The foundational elements to building our smart energy platform

Wind turbines with blue sky background
Eaton has committed to investing $3B in research and development for sustainable solutions for our customers in the next ten years. Around the globe, adoption of solar, storage, wind, and other renewable energy sources continues to rise. Creative solutions to integrate behind-the-meter renewable sources while managing loads is critical. 
Eaton has been investing in foundational elements for many years, culminating in the recent Brightlayer platform. Brightlayer lets you access data, insights and digital solutions in the way that best meets your needs. We're focused on helping you capitalize on the data and insights from those assets to drive operational value.
Our smart energy portfolio, offers embedded world-class cybersecurity. Eaton has been recognized as a leader in cybersecurity, not just for our own internal processes and solutions, but as a cybersecurity service provider to other solutions in various industries.  Our proven cybersecurity practices and testing measures give our customers the confidence to protect what matters most, critical and connected data.

Partnerships: A key ingredient to our smart energy portfolio

Eaton has been partnering with solar and storage market-leading companies, along with electric utilities. An integrative approach to the smart energy market is a must. We are continuing to grow our partnerships to further demonstrate our commitment to the market, and help gain a better understanding of your energy and sustainability needs.

Explore our smart energy solutions

Smart breakers and EV charging smart breakers provide circuit protection, cloud connectivity, remote control and precise metering all packaged in a standard miniature breaker form factor. Open APIs, powered by Brightlayer, allow flexibility to integrate with preferred software systems. 

Find the best option for your smart home with Eaton's broad selection of Wi-Fi and Z-Wave Plus smart devices. Enjoy the added convenience of remote access to your device. Save energy and feel more comfortable and secure.

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Solar power centers feature industry-exclusive, factory-installed permanent markings, which help to ensure National Electrical Code (NEC) compliance and provide additional flexibility in PV sizing.  The wide variety of configurations includes load centers and meters breakers, and becomes an all-in-one for both utility power and solar photovoltaic (PV) power.

Home as a Grid

Our Home as a Grid approach to residential energy transition is helping customers safely add more renewables, storage and electric vehicle infrastructure to their energy mix—to become more sustainable and resilient while lowering energy costs. The smart energy portfolio is a testament to our industry expertise, on-going efforts to a more sustainable future, and ease of doing business through a trusted single-source provider.