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  • What is MNS?

    Mass Notification Systems (MNS) are designed to protect, alert, and inform your most critical resources, your people, by providing the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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The Right Message

Concise, accurate, timely and well-directed messages that communicate what to do in response to a threat or emergency.

To the Right People

Directing live or recorded messages to the entire community or to specific floor of a building. For example, building occupants in Building 1 may need to evacuate, whereas in Building 2, they made need to begin lock down procedures.

At the Right Time

Efficiently managing people before, during and after a disaster.

Provide real-time information and instructions to people in a building, area, site, or installation using intelligible voice communications along with visible signals, text, and graphics, and possibly including tactile or other communication methods

Department of Defense, Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC 04-021-01), Mass Notification definition

... protection of life by indicating the existence of an emergency situation and communicating information necessary to facilitate an appropriate response and action

National Fire Alarm & Signaling Code, NFPA 72, Chapter 24, Purpose of Emergency Communications System