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Catalogs and Specifications for Aveva Plant PDMS and Intergraph SmartPlant 3D

Eaton's B-Line series has teamed with AVEVA and Intergraph content experts to develop cable tray catalogs and specifications. Industrial design professionals using Plant or SmartPlant 3D can click below for design content for cable tray.

All of our cable tray product families are available in one or both formats.

Intergraph SmartPlant 3D

Intergraph SmartPlant 3D content includes:

  • Aluminum ladder family data by tray series
  • Metric slotted cable ladder family data
  • Pre-galvanized and hot-dipped after fabrication carbon steel ladder family data by tray series
  • 304 and 316 type stainless steel ladder family data by tray series
  • Polyester, vinylester, and zero-halogen dis-stat fiberglass ladder family data by tray series

Please see table below and click on the Series links provided for information.  If no link available, content is currently being developed.

Family Series Finish
Series 1 Steel 148P Pre Galvanized
  148G HDGAF
  156P Pre Galvanized
  156G HDGAF
  166P Pre Galvanized
  166G HDGAF
  176P Pre Galvanized
  176G HDGAF
Series 2,3,4, & 5 Aluminum 24A Aluminum
  34A Aluminum
  25A Aluminum
  35A Aluminum
  26A Aluminum
  36A Aluminum
  46A Aluminum
  H46A Aluminum
  37A Aluminum
  47A Aluminum
  H47A Aluminum
  57A Aluminum
  S8A Aluminum
Series 2,3,4, & 5 Steel 248P Pre Galvanized
  248G HDGAF
  346P Pre Galvanized
  346G HDGAF
  444P Pre Galvanized
  444G HDGAF
  258P Pre Galvanized
  258G HDGAF
  356P Pre Galvanized
  356G HDGAF
  454P Pre Galvanized
  454G HDGAF
  268P Pre Galvanized
  268G HDGAF
  366P Pre Galvanized
  366G HDGAF
  464P Pre Galvanized
  464G HDGAF
  378P Pre Galvanized
  378G HDGAF
  476P Pre Galvanized
  476G HDGAF
  574P Pre Galvanized
  574G HDGAF
Series 3 & 4 Stainless Steel 348SS4 304 Stainless
  348SS6 316 Stainless
  358SS4 304 Stainless
  358SS6 316 Stainless
  368SS4 304 Stainless
  368SS6 316 Stainless
  464SS4 304 Stainless
  464SS6 316 Stainless
Fiberglass 13F Polyester
  24F Polyester
  36F Polyester
  46F Polyester
  48F Polyester
  13FV Vinylester
  24FV Vinylester
  36FV Vinylester
  46FV Vinylester
  48FV Vinylester
Metric Cable ladder 125G 1.5 HDGAF
  125G 2.0 HDGAF
  125X 1.5 316 Stainless
  125X 2.0 316 Stainless
  150G 1.5 HDGAF
  150G 2.0 HDGAF
  150X 1.5 316 Stainless
  150X 2.0 316 Stainless