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Structural Steel Savings

As the cost of structural steel continues to increase, the impact of reducing the quantity of supports on a projects can offset the cost of the cable ladder system all together.

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Lower total install cost solution through reduction of structural steel supports

Eaton’s B-Line series metallic cable ladder systems are designed to provide superior strength to weight ratio while providing a lower total installed cost.

To achieve a lower total installed cost, Eaton’s engineers developed an innovative means to significantly reduce the number of structural steel supports needed in cable ladder installations, without diminishing the load carrying capacity of the system.

Safety first

Extensive laboratory testing has enabled the Eaton B-Line series cable ladder to meet and exceed the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) VE-2 support recommendations for cable ladder installations.

Design considerations

When assessing a project for the lowest total installed cost, Eaton recommends focusing on four key design considerations:

  • Longer straight section spans
  • Fitting support locations
  • Vertical adjustable support locations
  • Thermal expansion support locations

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