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B-Line series conduit trapeze support case study

Learn why a contractor changes his trapeze hanger habits after using the B-Line series conduit trapeze support.

Customer: Jeff Johnson, CEO, Ion Electrical Contractor Services LLC

Location: Woodlynne, NJ

Application: Commercial retail building upgrade, conduit support

Challenge: Short lead-time, limited resources to complete upgrade to facility

Solution: B-Line series conduit trapeze support

Results: Required only one person to install; installed faster than traditional trapeze solutions

Conduit trapeze support savings calculator

They say old habits die hard, but not in the case!

When Jeff Johnson of Ion Electrical Construction Services LLC, contacted Eaton regarding a tight time line and labor shortage challenges, Eluid Rivera, Manufacturer’s Representative, Pollart Sales, knew the B-Line series conduit trapeze support was a perfect fit for Jeff’s retail building upgrade project.

When this North East contractor presented the timeline and labor shortage challenges for this project, Eliud Rivera, Pollart Sales Agency Representative for Eaton’s B-Line Division, knew that the B-Line series conduit trapeze support was a perfect fit for this commercial building upgrade.

By using the conduit trapeze support savings calculator, Eliud was able to show the contractor their potential savings.

The conduit trapeze support is a simple, brilliant product.

Eliud Rivera, Sales Agent

The conduit trapeze support requires only one installer, plus there is no measuring or spacing needed and fewer parts to handle.

When you compare this to a traditional strut trapeze installation, the savings really start to add up.  Typical strut trapeze installation requires two people to help align and space accurately and you also have more parts to handle.


We should be using this on every job!

Kevin Nolan, Project Foreman

While the Foreman of the project was a bit skeptical at first, he was sold on the value of the conduit trapeze support after the first portion of the install was completed.   

“When I first saw the product, I thought it looked flimsy in comparison to strut and didn’t understand how this would work.  But now I am a believer - the conduit trapeze support’s “z” shaped design makes it rigid to support the load., stated the Foreman.  The product was easy to use, and I didn’t have to worry about spacing.  The support does it for you automatically.”

The contractor saved labor equal to one installer, plus saved on the cost of additional materials. 

“I was able to complete the job by myself in less than five hours and it required fewer parts to manage.” the Foreman shared.

The contractor liked the results, so they ordered more conduit trapeze supports to complete the job.

To learn more about Eaton’s B-Line series conduit trapeze support and to use the savings calculator, visit

About B-Line series conduit trapeze supports

Studies have shown a potential for up to 75% part reduction and up to 50% installation time savings.  The support can be used with both 3/8” and 1/2” hanger rods and can be mounted directly to the deck or ganged together side-by-side or top-to-bottom.

The z-shaped bracket is designed to meet the highest standard required for conduit installations, and is UL listed as a conduit hanger with most configurations exceeding the maximum load ratings defined by UL and NEC requirements. 

When installed according to NEC requirements, the conduit trapeze support meets the requirements defined by 358.30-B.  This section states EMT can be supported through frame members, such as B-Line series conduit trapeze support, in 10 feet or shorter sections and only requires secure fastening within 3 feet of a termination point.