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Productivity vlog series

At Eaton, we work with our customers to understand their day-to-day challenges so that we can deliver innovative B-Line series solutions, services and tools that help customers minimize complexity, increase efficiency, and maximize their profit.

Productivity IQ videos

View this short series of videos from Eaton's Technical Sales Specialist, Eric Grant. He details how Eaton's B-Line series helps increase productivity on the job-site.


    Up to 75% reduction in parts

    B-Line series conduit trapeze support saves up to 50% on installation time, and reduces materials on the jobsite.

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    Up to 60% faster to install than metal shields

    New enhanced Snap 'N Shield pipe support helps reduce time and complexity on the job site.

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    Installs faster and maximizes material and space

    Eaton's 4Dimension Strut System saves up to 50% on installation over traditional trapeze applications.

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    B-Line series cable tray helps pay for itself

    Eaton's B-Line series cable ladder systems deliver a lower installed cost. Learn how cable tray can help pay for itself.

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    Cable hook color ID

    Visual verification of cable pathways.

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    KwikWire hanging system

    Fast and easy to install hanging system.

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