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Strut channel material identification

Learn how to easily identify strut channel on the job.

Standard strut materials and finishes

B-Line series steel strut is stamped every 18" with:

  • Company Name
  • Part Number
  • Material
  • Heat Code Number

B22 - B-Line part number designating 12 gauge, 1 5⁄8" x 1 5⁄8"

SS6 - 316 stainless steel

87401A6 - Traceable to the steel’s origin


  • Plain Steel

ASTM A570 and A611 (structural grade)

  • Pregalvanized Steel

ASTM A653 SS (CSA Type II) (structural grade)

  • Stainless Steel

AISI Type 304

  • Stainless Steel

AISI Type 316



  • Pregalvanized

(CSA Type II) ASTM A653 SS G90

  • Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication

(CSA Type 1) ASTM A123

  • Dura Green™ finish

electro deposited epoxy

Why specify and use B-Line series strut?

Structural quality strut channel material

We use only structural quality material for our strut channel, which means it must meet established chemical and physical (strength) requirements. As strut continues to replace angle iron and other traditional ASTM A36 structural steel shapes, it is important to retain the integrity of the support system by continuing to use structural grade materials.

Commercial or merchant quality steel is not required to meet any certain minimum physical requirements. There is no mandatory strength testing, and therefore no ability to trace the material. The catalog loading charts for strut are based on 25,000 psi design stress. Without verifying the actual strength of the material for each lot of steel, there is no way to validate or guarantee the load chart data, or safety factor, the result of which can be excessive deflection or failure of the channel.

Strut material and product identification

While structural quality steel is the heart of the strut identification program with our heat code numbering, we take the extra step to help users identify the product. Our name, part number, and in the case of stainless steel - our material type, is stamped on each part. The part numbering system indicates the gauge thickness, and dimensions (B22 is 12 ga., B24 is 14 ga., etc). For stainless steel the alloy type is indicated (SS4 for type 304 and SS6 for type 316 stainless steel) for material quality assurance and on-site identification.

Widest range of protective finishes and accessories

In addition to the steel materials and finishes listed on the front, we can provide alternative products for some of the toughest environments. Aluminum, PVC coatings, and fiberglass in both polyester and vinyl ester resins are also available.

We offer the widest array of strut fittings, pipe and conduit straps, and other accessories to complete the project.

Additional product lines