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Automated network forecast analysis

Engineers look to efficiently manage and plan system expansions and changes over time.
Impact of the corrective measures on the power and energy losses (kW and Kwh), on the under- and over-voltage conditions, on the overload condition and/or on the selected reliability indices are shown for each year.

Automated network forecast analysis module


The module inherits its main analytical and topological functions from base and optional modules of Eaton's CYME software. Taking into account future changes on the system, you will be able to simulate different scenarios (such as addition of loads at a given date (year, month or day), change/replacement of power transformers within the substation, rephasing/reconductoring project, switching or reconfiguration, etc. that will allow identifying and correcting problems related to system growth.

Changes can be grouped to facilitate the viewing and editing of the main project. For example, if a project is delayed, the user can simply move the concerned group of modifications to a different year and see the impact on the whole distribution system. If a project is canceled or put on hold, the associated tasks can be disabled to reflect that situation and the module will flag any abnormal conditions due to this change.

Extend the analysis capabilities

The module’s capabilities are based on the Advanced Project Manager functions which are included in the Automated Network Forecast Analysis module. The combined functionalities support detailed preparation of time-based projects that can span over several years.

Specific analyses and reports can be attached to any group of changes. The engineer can analyze all the alternatives contemplated and easily compare the impacts of each solution.

The module can be used in conjunction with the Techno-Economic Analysis module to allow the user to manage budget on a multi-year time frame while offering a global view of the technical impacts.


The main features of the module include:

  • Automated analyses insertion such as: load flow, short-circuit, load growth, load allocation, contingency, minimum fault and protective device analysis that can be related to any point on the power system, at any point in time, based on identified network modifications for both normal or contingency mode of operations.
  • Save analysis configurations. User-defined configurations can be saved so that parameters can be reused in additional analysis.
  • Validation process: the sequence of tasks is verified to avoid inserting invalid changes. The same validation process is run when loading an existing project to verify the project against any updates to the base case.
  • Multi-level structured project: allows multiple users to work on the creation and modification of the same network easily and concurrently in a project database apart from the main CYME software database.
  • Import tool: facilitates the transfer of forecasts from one year to the next, thus minimizing data handling and modifications going from one planning cycle to the other.

Results viewer

The results are presented in an enhanced reporting tool that conveys an overall view of the system over the project scheduled years and allows the user to dig into more detailed data on any part of the system.

With this results viewer, you can generate reports for each distribution line, substation and zone contained in the distribution system.

  • Contingency report: backup feeder and outage feeder.
  • Network / Feeder summary report: results over the forecasted years for demand, overloads, losses, new customers, load transfers, abnormal conditions etc.

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