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Component object modeling

Engineers often conduct repetitive simulations to study different network configurations or to evaluate the impact of network variables and simulation parameters. These necessary simulations can be time-consuming, and engineers are encouraged to look for an automated process that does not compromise the accuracy of the results. 

With Eaton's CYME COM module, engineers can take advantage of the comprehensive and accurate calculation engines of the CYME software and automate the calculations offered by the CYME software suite of applications.

COM (Component Object Modeling) is an interface comprising a set of services used by programmers to enable communication between different software components. As a programming language-independent process, the CYME COM module allows the environment of your choice to communicate with the CYME software to access different pre-defined functions and calculations. Through the COM interface, the CYME software can be accessed as a calculation engine to provide you accurate information and reliable results within your own IT environment.

Component object modeling


Key advantages include:

  • Ease and flexibility due to language independence
  • Reusability of code
  • No need for a CYME software interface

Using the CYME COM module will make available the engineering results from Eaton's CYME software to any environment. Analysis and simulation in batches can be automated, parameters can be taken from your project on any platform and a wide range of results are returned automatically.

Take advantage of the possibility of integrating the powerful CYME functionality and obtain the gain in productivity while at the same time expanding your creativity customizing it to adapt to your needs.

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