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Wind turbine proportional valve

Utilities and wind turbine manufacturers around the world rely on Eaton’s proven proportional valve technology for turbine blade pitch control. Learn more about our KB series valve, including our repair and upgrade program for wind energy.

Eaton KB series wind turbine proportional valves

Featuring integrated electronic controls, Eaton KB series proportional valves provide accurate, dynamic control of the turbine blade pitch. Compared to our standard KB valve, our wind energy valves have additional proprietary enhancements to meet the harsh environmental conditions found in wind turbine nacelles.

Our newest wind energy valve offers:

  • Improved protection against corrosion, vibration and temperature fluctuations
  • Enhanced mechanical integrity of the valve electronics

Eaton proportional valve repair—by the experts

Eaton is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Vestas and Gamesa wind turbine valves. Only we can repair or replace your valve with OEM components. We offer two repair service levels for Eaton proportional valves. Level 1 repairs include cleaning and calibrating the valve back to working condition. Lead time is two weeks. Level 2 repairs include replacing the valve's amplifier, position sensor, seals and fasteners with the latest revision levels approved by the turbine OEM. Lead time is seven weeks.

Field-proven valve technology delivered fast

Eaton's wind energy valve has been installed in tens of thousands of wind turbines globally. It’s built to withstand temperature extremes as well as high and variable rotational and vibration loads. Need a new valve? Upgrade to the field-proven wind turbine valve. New production orders of up to six valves can be provided with a five-day lead time to get your turbines generating energy—and revenue—sooner.

Trade up to Eaton and save

Using another manufacturer's valve in your turbines? Replace it with Eaton’s wind energy proportional valve and receive a 25% discount on your order. Our experts will identify a direct replacement for your existing valve. We can provide up to six pieces with a lead time of only five business days.

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