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  • Hose burst detection with the Eaton CMA advanced mobile valve

The Eaton CMA advanced mobile valve's hose burst detection feature can detect a ruptured hose and automatically stop hydraulic oil flow. See how:

Quickly detect. Automatically respond.

Hose burst detection is a software-enabled feature of the Eaton CMA advanced mobile valve. Using built-in pressure and position sensors, the CMA valve prevents major oil spill events by monitoring flow consumption on each service and closing the spools for that circuit if a large leak is detected. This dramatically reduces the amount of oil spilled, which can help:

  • Minimize the hassle and expense of remediating a large oil spill
  • Prevent severe soil contamination

Without hose burst detection, the machine operator would need to notice slowed operation or see the oil leak and manually shut off the machine. In comparison, the CMA valve senses the issue and stops the oil flow automatically, often before the operator notices a problem.

Human response time depends on the vehicle functions in use as well as operator experience. With the CMA valve's hose burst detection feature, oil flow is shut off in less than 2 seconds.

Software-enabled solutions

The Eaton CMA valve offers a number of software-enabled features that can improve productivity, safety and efficiency, and reduce operating costs. From advanced pressure/flow control to load damping, automated bucket shake and X-Y control, there's a CMA solution for a wide variety of application challenges. Learn more about these CMA-valve-enabled solutions:

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