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  • A small component makes a big difference in machine stability

Are you using the correct overcenter valve? Watch the video to learn more:

Not all valves are created equal

Eaton’s overcenter valves can eliminate judder, resulting in a safer, more stable machine. They also eliminate valve noise, increasing operator comfort, and reduce pressure drop, improving system efficiency. To prove it, Eaton conducted a series of laboratory and field tests comparing its overcenter valves to competitive offerings.

Download the technical paper for the testing details, procedures and results. In this report, you'll also discover:

  • The architectural differences between Eaton and competitive valves
  • How Eaton two-stage valves can eliminate machine instability
  • The scenarios in which competitive valves exhibited instability

In addition to the full technical report, an executive summary is also available for download.

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From judder to stable

Eaton’s two-stage overcenter valves address a problem that has plagued machines with long, unstable booms: oscillation of the boom as it’s lowered. This judder can cause loss of load, posing a significant safety risk. Eaton two-stage overcenter valves can eliminate judder.

From screech to quiet

Excess noise during machine operation can adversely affect comfort of the operator and those working nearby. For some brands of overcenter valves, squealing is a known issue. Eaton valves eliminate excess noise.

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From heat to cool

Pressure drop results in excess heat, a condition that can lead to reduced efficiency, increased fuel consumption and shortened component life. The lower the pressure drop, the more efficient the system will be. Eaton valves have a lower free-flow pressure drop of 30 psi (2 bar), on average.

From doubt to confidence

Eliminating boom oscillation gives operators the confidence to complete the job without worrying about their safety or the safety of those working around them.

The power to solve

Eaton's overcenter valves have the power to solve even the most difficult load-holding challenges. To learn more, please download the technical paper by filling out the form above. To discuss a specific application, please contact your Eaton representative or email: