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Hydraulics Training

For almost sixty years, and with a combined 150+ years in hydraulics and education, Eaton instructors around the world have made Eaton Hydraulics Training the educational standard for the industry. Our technical training instructors are all fluid power experts with a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge, ensuring you the very best training possible. 

About us

The European Hydraulics Training Centre offers world-class training in all areas of hydraulics, ranging from introductory classes for new starters and non-technical employees, through to advanced-level Industrial and Mobile hydraulics and up to expert-level training in design, troubleshooting, proportional hydraulics and closed-loop control. In addition to this, the Training Centre also offers a broad range of Products courses covering the whole range of Eaton’s hydraulics portfolio.

As well as teaching about hydraulic technology and the Eaton range of products, attendees will also learn how to work safely with today’s modern brand of industrial and mobile machinery, ensuring that attendees return to work more knowledgeable, with better skills and able to work safely and confidently with all kinds of hydraulic systems

Our Facilities

The European Hydraulics Training Centre sits inside the Eaton Havant Plant. The Havant Plant is a 28,000 m2 facility which is the central production facility of Power and motion control products of Eaton in Europe. The Training Centre itself occupies 440m2 of the Havant facility, and boasts three classrooms, a dining area and a training hall filled with industry-leading training rigs and didactic equipment to enrich the student experience.

Improve Knowledge

Products courses equip your teams with the knowledge and skills to sell and apply Eaton’s industry-leading range of hydraulic solutions into an unlimited range of industrial and mobile applications.


Learn Skills

Spend invaluable time building circuits, setting up and adjusting control valves and carrying out logical fault-finding, all in our state-of-the-art Practical area.

Increase Productivity

Optimising machine design for power efficiency, reducing set-up times and decreasing cycle times are all possible with a knowledgeable and skilful workforce.


Reduce Downtime

Take the guesswork out of fault-finding by learning how to carry out effective trouble-shooting in a logical, timely and efficient matter.