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General specifications

Product Name
Eaton Detroit Truetrac Differential
Catalog Number

Axle information

Axle Description
Chrysler C-Clip
Chrysler C-Clip
Chrysler C-Clip
Axle Location
Axle Shaft Diameter
1.21 IN

Additional specifications

Differential Type
Limited Slip (LSD)
Gear Spline Tooth Count
29 EA
Ring Gear Size
8.375 IN
Ring Gear Ratio
2.73 & up
Vehicle Usage
Off-Road: Light Trail / Sand Sports
Off-Road: Work Truck / Towing
On Road: Work Truck / Towing
On Road: Restoration
Off-Road: Extreme Off-Road
On Road: Drag Racing
On Road: Street and Muscle
Off-Road: Rock Crawl
On Road: Circle Track
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