Roadranger Extended Protection Plans

Peace of Mind

Keeping your truck on the road is critical to your livelihood. Roadranger® Extended Protection Plans give you peace of mind knowing that, despite increasing parts and labor costs, or how severe the work conditions are, you can repair your truck to its original standard of quality.

Comprehensive Coverage from Roadranger

Roadranger Extended Protection Plans cover the transmission, clutch, and 100% of parts and labor on all warrantable failures. For a relatively modest investment, you can rest easy, knowing that Roadranger is there to support you throughout the life of your truck. You choose the protection that meets your needs.

You’re Covered Everywhere

With our Extended Protection Plans, you are never far from parts and service, with over 3,500 authorized dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Benefits of purchasing a Roadranger Extended Protection Plan

Full Warranty Protection

Full parts and labor on warrantable failures.

Service Available at All OEM Dealer Facilities

With our Extended Protection Plans, you are never far from parts and service, with over 3,500 dealers in the U.S. and Canada.

Genuine Parts

All replacement parts will be genuine Eaton parts, so you know your repaired vehicle will have the same outstanding quality it had when it was first purchased.

Simple Payment Options

You can purchase a Roadranger Extended Protection Plan by rolling it into the financing of your new vehicle, or fill out the online registration form and pay by check. Peace of mind has never been easier to obtain.

Protection from Cost Inflation

Your Extended Protection Plan covers all repairs to your vehicle’s drivetrain, regardless of increases in parts or labor that are certain to occur over time. One simple payment now can save you substantial repair charges in the future.

Enhanced Resale Value

Repairing your vehicle with genuine Eaton parts increases its resale value. Plus, your extended warranty coverage is transferable, further enhancing your resale value.

Frequently asked questions

An extended warranty is a warranty that extends the parameters of the standard coverage (time, mileage, hours). Normally, the same criteria applies but some limitations may be placed on which parts or services are covered. A fee or surcharge may be required in some cases.
For new trucks, you must purchase the Roadranger Extended Protection Plan during the first year date in service (DIS).
You have up to 1 year after the in-service date to purchase and register an extended warranty for Eaton products offered under this program. The owner who wishes to purchase an extended warranty for their Heavy-Duty Mechanical and Automated Transmission during the second or third year of vehicle operation can do so by paying a premium per vehicle. Provisions have been made to allow customers to purchase Heavy-Duty Mechanical Transmission extended warranties even into the 2nd and 3rd year of ownership provided that the vehicle has not exceeded the standard warranty time period.
The vehicle owner must fill out the Purchased Extended Warranty registration form.
Use of Eaton PS-386 transmission fluid or Eaton-approved lubricant meeting the PS-386 specification is required in order to be covered by Roadranger Extended Protection Plans.
Repair can be made by an authorized OEM dealer with the claim processed through the OEM or directly to Eaton when the dealer's OEM does not administer Roadranger extended warranty.
Since the failure occurred prior to you exercising your extended warranty purchasing options, this failure would not be covered under warranty. You could still purchase the appropriate extended warranty as long as it is within 3 years of a vehicle's in-service date (plus a premium for purchasing an extended warranty 2 or 3 years from a vehicle's in-service date). Future warrantable failures would then be covered during the terms of the purchased extended warranty.
Vehicles registered for Roadranger extended protection plan warranty during the first year take effect immediately. Coverage for vehicles registered for extended warranty during the second and third year takes effect 30 days from the date of registration.
Roadranger extended protection plan warranties are fully transferable and do not need to be registered by a subsequent owner as long as the truck vocation has not changed.