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Symphoni - Low current fire alarm sounder

The Fulleon Symphoni is a highly adaptable conventional fire alarm sounder. Cost-effective and supremely efficient due to its innovative piezoelectric electric charge technology, it delivers current consumption as low as 5mA.

Used widely by OEM platforms and global manufacturers for this very reason, the fire certified sounder is available in a number of options dependent on the environment, application and country. The range is based around three types, standard, high output and Voice +, all available with the choice of red or white and standard or weatherproof IP66 housing.

The standard version comes with UK alarm tones and an “E” version that has tones including German Din and Netherlands Slow Whoop. While the high output variant produces up to 120dB(A) for open areas and situations where usual background noise is high. The Symphoni Voice + range comes preloaded with 3 commonly used messages. Bespoke messages can be created from Eaton’s large bank of voice messages, with it possible to store up to 16. French versions of all three are available in respective Class B and Class C categories.

Uses innovative piezoelectric technology for ultra low power consumption
International fire tones & voice message variants available
Weatherproof outdoor (IP66), 120dB high output & onboard voice options

The ultra low power consumption of the Symphoni has led to its integration into a variety of globally recognized OEM system manufacturers.

James Morgan, Global Product Manager

Safer, smarter evacuation of people with pre-recorded voice messages

Allowing phased fire evacuation, the Voice + is capable of storing up to 16 discreet EN54 approved voice messages, in a variety of languages. With its ability to be project customized, and available in VdS German and NF French Class B variants, the Symphoni Voice + versatility is unmatched.

'Loud and clear' wide area fire notification

A high output fire certified Symphoni, capable of achieving 120dB, enables alerting across large open spaces, minimising the use of multiple sounders, or areas of high ambient noise, such has metal fabrication and processing plants. It is also available as a Class C French NF approved variant allowing complete local compliance.

Tough. Resistant. Dependable.

Rated to Ingress Protection of IP66, the housing on the outdoor Symphoni enables it to be located in areas subject to high levels of dust or strong jets of water. Which when combined with It's wide operating temperature of -25° to +70° suits a variety of outdoor conditions and high intensive indoor applications such as food processing wash down areas, sediment processing and manufacturing plants.

Products that work in harmony to complete your required fire system

The Symphoni fire sounder can also be used with the innovative LX VAD to create an EN54 certified sounder and visual alarm device.

A history built on innovation and engineering excellence

From its inception in 1980, Fulleon’s core competency has been the development of cost effective fire notification devices, providing maximum output with minimum power consumption. From the original Roshni sounder, with its rocking armature transducer, to the piezoelectric Symphoni sounder, and the unique LED LX beacon, we have developed a solid reputation for innovative design and engineering excellence.

Loud and Clear. Alerting when a life depends on it.

From commercial premises to off-shore oil platforms, an acoustic alert is typically the primary method of alarm.

Eaton has a library of over 100 industry-standard alerting tones to ensure that your notification is heard every time. Voice alert messages are available in multiple languages for fire evacuation, security or safety.

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With ATEX Explosion-proof products from MEDC, to UL certified sounders from Wheelock, our diverse portfolio including Cooper, Fulleon, JSB and Menvier means that 1 in 5 of every Fire Notification device installed is an Eaton product*. Whatever your industry or application – Eaton has a solution.

*(IHS Markit, 2018).

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