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AFDD+ Arc fault detection device

Eaton’s AFDD+ arc fault circuit interrupter offers a comprehensive protective solution against fires triggered by arc faults. It significantly enhances your safety as regards electrical fires in your home.Through continuous electronic cable monitoring, the device detects arc faults and automatically trips to help prevent residential electrical fires. At the same time, it conveniently removes the need for three separate protective devices. This all-in-one device combines the protective functions of a residual-current circuit breaker, a miniature circuit breaker, and an arc fault detection device to protect against electrical shocks, overcurrents, as well as short circuits or arc faults in power cables. This gives electricians a more efficient tool for ensuring customer safety, putting at their disposal a state-of-the-art arc fault detection device that also complies fully with all applicable norms.

Fire Protection
For use in accordance with
DIN VDE 0100-420:2016-02

Safety thanks to preventive arc fault fire protection

Find out how electrical fires occur and how they can be prevented. Eaton has made it its mission to increase public awareness of the dangers posed by electrical power. Find out more!

Core features

  • combines three protective functions in one device
    • arc fault fire protection
    • short-circuit and overcurrent protection (cable protection)
    • residual current protection
  • easy to assemble in both new and existing installations
  • saves time during troubleshooting with repetition of the error code
  • in the event of a fault, only the affected final circuit is switched off 
  • built-in displays indicate the device status and the trip reason:
    • user-friendly display of the error code via LED
    • the repetition of the error code saves time during troubleshooting
  • the highly sensitive digital detection of arc faults exceeds the applicable product guidelines and prevents unintentional tripping
  • AFDD+ busbar as accessory supports easy and flexible installation
  • complies with the guidelines set out in IEC 60364-4-42 and is suitable for use in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-420

Enhanced protection against arc fault fires

The arc fault circuit interrupter has been designed primarily for use in private homes but it is also suitable for use in hospitals, daycare facilities, retirement homes, nursing homes, etc. In short, any facility with multiple occupants - people, who may be sleeping at the time or who may simply be unaware of the danger. Facilities that make it difficult to evacuate large numbers of people within a short span of time, e.g. shopping malls, train stations and airports. Another field of application for arc fault detection devices are buildings that house valuable and flammable objects - such as a museum or a library. The AFDD+ can be installed at any time.

Preventive arc fault fire protection with the AFDD+

Eaton’s AFDD+ detects arc faults using cutting-edge technology in order to protect your home against electrical fires. The device offers enhanced protection against electrical fires and complies with the applicable DIN norm VDE 0100-420. In contrast with other protective devices that are unable to detect arc faults, the AFDD+ reduces the danger posed by arc-fault induced electrical fires. An electric arc can occur in any household. The AFDD+ offers preventive arc fault fire protection for multi-family dwellings, functional buildings and residential construction in general.

Three-in-one protection in final circuits:
  • protection against serial and parallel arc faults
  • short-circuit and overcurrent protection
  • residual current protection

The danger posed by arc faults

In Europe, more than 25 % of all fires are caused by electrical defects. Conventional protective switchgear protects homes against fires in general, but not against fires caused by arc fault, which can occur in any house. Arc faults, and the fires they may trigger, have many possible causes: jammed or damaged cables, pets and rodents who chew through the insulation, loose terminals, damage to the insulation due to nails and screws, antiquated wiring, broken or interrupted cables, UV radiation, bent plugs and cables, as well as overtaxed and incorrectly laid cables. Eaton’s AFDD+ protects against electrical fires through the timely detection of electric arcs in the wiring of your home.

Types and error memory

  • Type -A: Protects against special forms of residual pulsating DC which have not been smoothed
  • Type -Li/A: As Type –A, but in addition it is short-time delayed. Highly reliable against unwanted tripping.

Error memory: The AFDD+ saves the last reason for tripping at an arc fault. By turning off the device, press and hold the test key “T” and simultaneously turn on the last error can be queried again.
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