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BZM Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Eaton's BZM Molded Case Circuit Breakers offer optimum and efficient protection for low voltage applications in power distribution systems. The advantage of the BZM series is its simple use: The thermal and magnetic release system for over-current and short-circuit protection of your system is already factory set. Along with simple handling of the product and its accessories, Eaton’s BZM offering provides an attractive product assortment.

125 A / 250 A / 400 A
IEC/EN 60947-2
III (IEC/EN 60947)

Core features


  • Available poles: 1-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole and 4-pole
  • Electrical Supply: Line or Load side
  • Terminal connection: cable lug or box terminal



  • Electrical Supply: Line or Load side
  • Terminal connection: cable lug or box terminal (up to 200 A and 25 kA)



  • Available poles: 3 pole
  • Electrical Supply: Line or Load side
  • Terminal Connection: cable lug

Easy to handle

For a fast starting are thermal and magnetic tripping values already fixed. The BZM series is absolutely easy to handle and allows for quick installation when executing your jobs.

Unbeatable in saving space

In the range of circuit breakers, the BZM1, BZM2 and BZM3 are among the slimmest in their class and can therefore use the valuable distribution space most efficiently, regardless of whether they are used for energy sub-distribution or as a protection for incoming power in residential or functional buildings.

Safety in Eaton style

Eaton's switchgears have a worldwide reputation for being the benchmark in low-voltage power distribution. Eaton's quality protects people and assets against shortcircuits and overload, with the BZM series being designed for the 16 to 400 A range in sub-distribution.

I believe the BZM series provides the right mix between space reduction, technical performance and cost sensitiveness for light commercial and residential energy distribution boards.

Martin Irmler, Product Manager
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