GuideLed SL - Self-contained safety luminaire
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GuideLed SL - Self-contained safety luminaire

GuideLed SL is a range of self-contained safety luminaire with a unique and innovative design using LED technology. The sophisticated electronics and long life Li-Ion batteries allow a considerable autonomy in an emergency up to 8 hours.

This range is proposed with optimal symmetric uniform illumination for open anti-panic spaces, and asymmetric light distribution for escape routes. Surface and recessed variants are available to meet your needs.

The use of LEDs, automatic testing and monitoring devices (CGLine+) significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.

2 different optics
For escape route or room illumination
Li-Ion battery technology with LED light source
Latest technology
Automatic testing and monitoring with CGLine+


  • Up to 210lm light output
  • Selectable duration of 1h, 3h, 8h
  • Li-Ion battery
  • CGLine+ technology
  • Universal use for maintained and non-maintained operations
  • Degree of protection IP41
  • Surface and recessed variants available

Choose between recessed or surface mounted

The almost flush recessed version of GuideLed SL allows a concise integration in the building’s architecture.
Recessed GuideLed SL
Surface GuideLed SL

Meets the demands of lighting safety equipment

In accordance with EN 1838, the required level of illuminance on the safety equipment such as first aid stations or firefighting equipment is 5 lx measured vertically. In order to meet the requirements of EN 1838, the new GuideLed SL 13851 and 13852 CGLine+ have special optics to guarantee the required illuminance of 5 lx vertically over a wide area.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The GuideLed SL luminaires can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.
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