Matrix CGLine+ - Self-contained adaptive exit sign
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Matrix CGLine+ - Self-contained adaptive exit sign

The Matrix CGLine+ is an adaptive escape sign luminaire that enables real-time adjustment of exit routes according to the nature and location of a hazard. Matrix CGLine+ can adjust the direction of the arrow it displays, with the aim of improving the speed and safety of emergency evacuations in commercial buildings.

The luminaire can work for 1h and 3h duration. It is available with IP42 and IP65 to be used in normal indoor conditions and also in areas with a higher level of dirt and humidity.

The full function of the Matrix is used in combination with the AE CGLine+ system. The use of LEDs and long life components, automatic testing and monitoring devices (CGLine+) significantly reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the installation.

Increased Affordance
More visibility to exit sign for faster and safer evacuation
Adaptive Evacuation
Luminaire can change its signage depending on an event
Latest Technology
Automatic testing and monitoring with CGLine+


  • Innovate "Adaptive Evacuation" with CGLine+ technology
  • 20m viewing distance
  • High luminance > 1000 cd/m²
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Selectable duration 1h and 3h
  • Degree of protection IP42 & IP65
  • Wall installation
  • In line with the European Emergency Lighting standards
  • ENEC certified

From static to adaptive escape routing

Meet the innovative Adaptive Evacuation Matrix CGLine+ exit sign

The Matrix CGLine+ escape sign can display an arrow in any one of four different directions. It also has the added ability to scroll from one side to the other increasing its visual impact among the general population and helping to alert people with hearing impairments.

If the worse were to happen and a particular route has become closed, blocked or dangerous it can also display a red cross. Making it a powerful tool when containment measures are the safest option. In such an emergency, it will not only lead occupants to but also keep them in a safe place.

Simply the most flexible, reliable monitoring for peace of mind

The Matrix CGLine+ luminaires can be reliably and efficiently monitored thanks to CGLine+ technology.

Improving the safety of escape routes

Adaptive signage enables building owners to direct people out of the building in the safest way as and when the nature of the threat changes. The danger posed by fires, acts of terrorism and natural disasters will change as the event unfolds; Eaton's Adaptive Evacuation signage allows building occupants to be redirected to the safest exit route available.