NexiLite - Self-contained safety & exit sign
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NexiLite - Self-contained safety & exit sign

NexiLite is a range of anti-panic and escape route luminaires that can also be used as an exit sign by purchasing optional sets of pictograms (Conforms to ISO7010). The low profile housings are available in two IP rating options (IP40 & IP65) making NexiLite luminaires suitable for indoor or more industrial applications.

With its compact and modern design, NexiLite can be used in any architectural context. The wide range of accessories allows installation on a wall or ceiling, surface or recessed.

This range of LED stand-alone self-contained luminaires is composed of maintained and non-maintained variants, 1h and 3h duration versions, from 100lm up to 250lm light output.

Maintained or Non-Maintained mode
Light source
Latest generation of LED lighting
Wide range of accessories available


  • 20m or 30m with double-sided panel
  • 100, 150 and 250lm light output
  • 1h and 3h duration
  • Compact dimensions: 290x110x40mm
  • Degree of protection IP40 and IP65 with accessory kit

Compact, modern design

NexiLite's efficient size, quality materials and large range of accessories make it suitable for a wide variety of applications including schools, universities, commercial centres, stores, offices, public administration and all indoor generic environments.

Flexible range of exit sign and safety options to suit the application

Eaton's NexiLite single sided emergency exit sign

Single-sided exit sign

Single-sided pictogram behind a transparent diffuser and slide in pictogram.
Eaton's NexiLite double sided emergency exit sign

Double-sided exit sign panel

Edge light panel with double-sided pictogram for ceiling installation.
Eaton's NexiLite double sided emergency exit sign with opal diffuser

Double-sided exit sign panel with opal diffuser

Exit sign and safety lighting functions in one product.

The right accessory at the right time

NexiLite Frame

Creating a superior finish

Eaton's finishing frame is designed for when a superior finish is required.
NexiLite IP65 emergency lighting weatherproof variant without pictogram

Protecting from water and dust

Add the IP65 protection kit for the harshest environments.
NexiLite recessed backbox base for brick walls

Unobtrusive mounting on brick

Choose our recessed brick back box for building for a seamless finish on brick.