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230Vac relay unit for addressable fire systems

The 230Vac relay unit enables simple interfacing between the fire system and other equipment, such as nurse call systems or access control systems. The ability of the output unit to switch mains also makes the unit ideal for plant control or mains powered door holders. 

The input is monitored for open and short circuits, therefore it can be used for fire input applications such as monitoring sprinkler flow switches.

Plug and play
No hard addressing required
Convenience of use
Cable entry can be top, bottom or side

Connect Eaton fire systems to plant control, nurse call systems or door retainers

The CMIO353 output unit has been designed with the ability to switch mains, which makes the unit ideal for plant control and nurse call systems. When the unit is paired with Eaton's door retainers, the unit can automatically close doors with a self-closing mechanism in case of emergencies such as a fire alarm activation.

Let the relay unit do the talking

Designed for efficiency, the CMIO353 can be used in a wide range of both fire and non-fire applications. The module achieves simplified interfacing between the fire system and other equipment with a one wire connection. It can also be used as a fire signal input such as from a sprinkler flow switch.

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