Fire detection systems
Gas detection (4 to 20mA) interfaces for addressable fire systems
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Gas detection (4 to 20mA) interfaces for addressable fire systems

Eaton's 4 to 20mA addressable modules interface with gas detection modules to enable alarms to be reported on Eaton's range of addressable fire alarm system panels. The interfaces have unique addresses on the loop and built-in isolators for loop short circuit protection. 

Each of the DIL switches JP1, JP2 and JP3 can be programmable to set the threshold level for pre-alarm 1, pre-alarm 2 and alarm respectively. This can be expressed as a percentage of L.E.L (lower explosion limit) or PPM (parts per million).

Range of optional alarm levels
Multiple levels of sensitivity
Intelligent system
Tracking/enabling facility

An interface ideal for gas detection

Perfect for gas detection modules. The supply to the gas detector is taken directly from the interface, and the levels of sensitivity for this addressable module can be programmable and features 3-volt free output for each of the 3 alarms levels (optional).

What is the importance of gas detection and how does the panel detect it?

It is critical to monitor gas levels and be alerted when they change to help you take action and prevent gas levels increasing to a dangerous level. Paired with Eaton's range of addressable control panels, the gas detection module is ideal for alerting the danger of gas by allowing the integration of industry standard gas detection on the panel to determine when a preset gas level has been reached or exceeded. Switches are provided on the device to enable the setting of pre-alarm status expressed as a percentage.

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