Fire detection systems
4-Way conventional device controller for addressable fire systems
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4-Way conventional device controller for addressable fire systems

The 4-way sounder controller unit is a loop connected interface, enabling the facility to power and control four independent conventional sounder circuits on addressable fire alarm systems.

Greatly simplifying installation in applications where specialist sounders or beacons are required by avoiding the need to connect them directly to the addressable control panel. 

Using a single address, each circuit can still be independently controlled according to the required cause and effect programming.

Increased system integrity
4 separate sounder circuit outputs
Simple installation
No hard addressing required

Build on your existing addressable fire alarm system

Eaton's 4-way sounder controller unit is predominately designed for building on your existing Eaton addressable fire alarm system. 

The unit is ideal for use when buildings are extended and when users need to expand their addressable fire alarm systems. Perfect for use in schools, offices and apartment complexes.

Unlock Eaton's range of market leading conventional devices

Not only flexible to extensions, the controller unit is also an obvious choice for when devices with a high current draw are required or where conventional sounder circuits are in a remote location away from the control panel. While also enabling the use of Eaton's extensive range of conventional devices, including EN54-23 certified VADs, beacons, signboards, door retainers, bells, sounders and emergency exit signs.

Maintain efficiency with independent output control

The outputs of the 4 way controller are independently controlled, meaning delays with 1 circuit will not affect other circuits. There is no need for the unit to wire conventional sounders back to the control panel, instead the beacons and strobes can be wired directly to the interface saving on both time and installation costs.

Ensuring a consistent performance with a built-in back up battery

The unit is designed to continue to provide an impressive performance even under mains failure conditions, with an incorporated back up battery to maintain functionality.

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