Fire detection systems
BACnet gateways for addressable fire & Easicheck systems
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BACnet gateways for addressable fire & Easicheck systems

The range of network protocol gateways enable the connection of Eaton's Easicheck slave emergency lighting and CF3000 addressable fire alarm systems to third-party building automation management systems.

Both BACnet gateways in the range are CEA-709/BACnet gateways which map CEA-709 network variables (NVs) to standard BACnet server objects and are pre-loaded to map LonWorks to BACnet address.

As part of the range, there are different gateways for Eaton's Easicheck emergency lighting and CF3000 fire alarm systems.

Pre-loaded with LonWorks to BACnet address mapping
With ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2004 and ISO16484-5
Connect several panels to third party BACnet BMS

Inter connectivity with your building management system

Once set-up the BACnet addressable gateway enables your business management system to easily subscribe and synchronise to a set of BACnet server objects that are updated each time a status change occurs anywhere in the fire system.

No need for concern, you'll have your finger on the pulse

The BACnet gateway features event driven email notifications for predefined actions. So you'll know straight away if there are any system issues, such as a specific status or an exceeded high-limit.

Powerful mapping software that's ready to run

Easy and fast mapping of network variables to BACnet server objects is guaranteed with the gateway configuration utility supplied with the unit. The software can run as a stand-alone tool, connecting via FTP or as an LNS® plug-in, compatible with LNS® 3.0 and LNS® TE applications like NL220, ALEX and LonMaker®.

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