Fire detection systems
Sounder detector base for addressable fire systems
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Sounder detector base for addressable fire systems

Eaton’s addressable sounder base provides flexibility. It can be used for notification as a fire alarm sounder base and has the option to be mounted with a detector, which limits the number of installation points within a building, making installation faster and more efficient.

The sounder base is compatible with Eaton’s range of addressable detectors.

When being used for notification only, the can be used with a cover plate, instead of a detector, providing a discreet, standalone fire alarm sounder.

Detect and alert from one device
Settings for tones and volume
Easy to fit, first-fix base

Pay less for installation

Ideal for use in commercial buildings such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets due to its discreet appearance and ability to reduce installation points. The device features a first fix base and has a single point connection for the sensor and sounder, saving on both time and installation cost.

Adjust volume the easy way

With the detector sounder base, you have the option to use it with a sensor (detector) , or as a stand alone fire alarm sounder. The CAS380 features 4 different selectable tones and 3 adjustable volume settings that can be controlled by the panel, so there is no need to access the sounder to alter these settings. When used as a fire alarm sounder only (no detector), the discreet cover plate can be fixed to the sounder and locked into place if required.

Complete with either a detector or coverplate

Sounder base with detector
Front and back of Eaton's addressable fire system servicing programmer on Eaton blue background
Sounder base with coverplate

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