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Air duct mounting probe for optical smoke detectors
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Air duct mounting probe for optical smoke detectors

The air duct mounting probe unit enables Eaton's range of addressable, conventional and two-wire fire alarm system smoke detectors to be installed in heat, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) ducts.

Presence of smoke in the HVAC ducts is detected by sampling the airflow through the duct via two sampling tables. Inside the probe, a detector and base are mounted within a sampling chamber. The probe should be installed on the external skin of the duct, with sample and exhaust probes passing into the duct, in an area of low turbulence.

The unit requires an addressable, conventional or two-wire smoke detector and corresponding base to be complete.

Use with Eaton's range of optical smoke detectors
Ingress protection
IP67 rated
Complete with full fixing instructions

How Eaton's air duct probe works

The duct mount probe is mounted on the outside of the duct with its two tubes inside the duct.

  • Inlet tube (black) has a series of openings and is positioned in the opposite direction to the air flow of the duct enabling samples of air to be directed into the sampling chamber
  • Exhaust tube (white) is positioned in the same direction as the air flow and routes sampled air back into the duct

Essential for detecting smoke early and preventing circulation

Eaton's air duct mounting probe uses 2 sampling tubes to detect the presence of smoke in a ventilation duct. This early detection helps to prevent smoke from a fire circulating through vents and spreading to other areas otherwise unaffected. Paired with Eaton's conventional or addressable detectors, alarm mode will be activated to clearly indicate the presence of smoke.

Test and go

The detector and base of the duct mounting are both mounted within a sampling chamber. To make testing simpler, the unit features a small hole with a plug on the exhaust side avoiding the need to remove the lid. Enabling the use of smoke to check that the detector is working reliably.

Add any of Eaton's addressable, conventional or two-wire detectors to complete the unit

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