Fire detection systems
Loop connected LED beacon for addressable fire systems
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Loop connected LED beacon for addressable fire systems

Eaton’s addressable loop connected LED fire alarm beacon is designed to complement audible alarms for use in areas where people may have impaired hearing or areas with high ambient noise levels – ensuring an all-inclusive fire notification system. 

The flashing LED beacon is designed for both wall and ceiling mounting has a built-in short circuit isolator and is soft addressed for ease of installation

Low profile design
53mm depth
Easy installation
First fix back box
Mounting options
Wall or ceiling

Press, twist and lock

Designed to be easy to install. The LED beacon's body presses effortlessly into its first fix base then is securely locked with a twist. Drawing its power from the loop and featuring soft addressing it makes the LED beacon an installers best friend.

High light output, low power consumption

With multiple LED's combined with a careful optical design, the beacon is designed to provide a high-intensity flash using low current consumption.

Noisy environment? Get the message through

When used to complement audible alarms, LED beacons are ideal for use in noisy environments and as a notification device for the hearing impaired, ensuring safety for all with an all-inclusive fire notification system.

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