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Micro interfaces for addressable fire systems

Eaton's range of micro interfaces enable the connection of addressable fire alarm systems to fire and non-fire applications such as HVAC control circuits, plant shutdown circuits and sprinkler systems.

Included in the range is the micro zone monitor unit, micro single channel output unit and micro single channel input unit. All the units are soft addressed interfaces and incorporate short circuit isolators.

The range supports the installation and integration of Eaton's range of addressable fire alarm control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements. 

Plug and play
Simple installation
Use with Eaton addressable systems
Innovative design
Small size

Get devices and panels talking

The flexibility of the Micro Interface range means that the units can be used in a range of different applications. The interfaces can be ideal for tall buildings, and act as a connection message to other devices that feedback device status to control panels, and can activate devices. 

They can be ideal for use in tall buildings that have extractor fans to filter out any smoke from fire. The output unit will receive feedback from the control panel and can act as a switch to activate a fan when there's a fire. The input unit will then feedback to the panel whether the fan is active or if there are any faults. 

Addressable Fire Fan Controller Graphic

Small in size, clever in design

Eaton's range of fire system micro interfaces combines compact size with easy installation. Featuring no requirement for hard addressing, the units are small enough to connect through a single strand fireproof cable up to 2.5mm².

Zone monitor unit


The zone monitor unit accepts a zone of up to 20 Eaton conventional detectors onto an Eaton intelligent addressable control panel and features active end of line monitoring.  It operates with any Eaton detector with a schottky diode type base (CDBB300).


  • Expanding existing systems following an extension
  • Acts as an adressable adaptor to make conventional devices compatible with addressable systems

Single channel output unit


The single channel output unit is suitable for switching low voltage (24V dc at 1A maximum), via a set of non-latching relay contacts and does not require an external short circuit isolator.


  • HVAC control circuits
  • Plant shutdown control circuits
  • Fire door closure

Single channel input unit


The single channel input unit can accept up to 200 units per loop and can be used for a range of applications. Programming is done easily through Eaton's Site Installer software as a technical input/nonfire input.


  • Monitoring a set of normally open, volt free contacts such as sprinkler system flow switches, auxiliary panel fire/fault signals 
  • Non-fire input signals such as flow valve open contacts, generator start up and fire door closure.

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