Fire detection systems
Sounder beacon detector base for addressable fire systems
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Sounder beacon detector base for addressable fire systems

The addressable sounder beacon base provides options to detect a threat and alert building occupants in a single device.

For detection and notification, it is compatible with Eaton's addressable detectors and limits the number of installation points within a building, making installation faster and more efficient. Mounting the detector is a simple twist and click.

For notification only, it can act as a discreet, standalone fire alarm sounder beacon by using a cover plate instead of a detector.

Easy to fit, first-fix base
Detect and alert from one device
Settings for tones and volume

One connection point. Three devices. Multiple tones.

Eaton's sounder beacon detector base is one of the most useful and clever devices in the addressable fire alarm system device range. By combining a detector, sounder and LED beacon it reduces the cost and time of installation. While also offering an impressive range of tones and volume options, all controlled easily by the panel - removing the need to access the device after installation.

Discreet style for public spaces; first fix base for simple installation

Featuring a first fix base, the sounder beacon detector can be installed quickly and simply. The main body is clipped into the base, and can be locked into place when pressed into position, or can be fitted into an optional cover plate. The sounder beacon base is ideal for use in commercial builds such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets.

Complete with either a detector or coverplate

Close up of a Eaton Sounder Beacon Detector
Sounder beacon base with detector
Close up of an Eaton Cover Plate
Cover plate

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