Fire detection systems
Visual alarm devices (VADs) for addressable fire systems
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Visual alarm devices (VADs) for addressable fire systems

Eaton's range of addressable EN 54-23 certified visual alarm devices (VAD's) brings its patented lens technology to its addressable fire systems for the first time.

Featuring an ultra-low current draw, the range provides clear signalling in the event of an emergency providing the ultimate balance between cost and safety. Based on the successful LX range, the range boasts an impressively durable design that you can rely on.

Across the range are a number of options to meet the demands of the application you are designing for including: indoor or outdoor including an IP66 option; wall or ceiling mounted and standalone or VAD sounder combination options.

EN54-23 approved
Coverage switch
Change between 2.5m or 7.5m
LED Technology
Long life LED technology

Low current, maximum coverage with Eaton's patented lens

Built on the first generation of Visual Alarm Device's (VAD's), Eaton's brings its unique lens technology to its addressable fire alarm system range.

The patented design works on an innovative cylindrical output that achieves the correct level of illumination while keeping power consumption as low as possible.

The breadth of the range that we now offer is what sets us apart in this industry and we are pleased to be at the forefront of innovation in this market. By combining high performance with energy efficiency, we are helping our customers overcome their toughest challenges.

Kris Conner, Senior product manager - Fire detection systems

Attractive, discrete design for public spaces

Simplicity and compactness define the design of Eaton's range of addressable VAD's. Durable with proven reliability from the original LX range they blend in during normal conditions and stay out when they need to. Making them an obvious choice when installing in public spaces such as hotel lobbies, toilets and much more.

Clear visual notification during an emergency; approved to EN54-23

VADs provide a clear signal of evacuation for any occupant that may not be alerted by an audible alarm due to working in a noisy environment like a factory, if they are hard of hearing or increasingly in office and educational environments due to wearing headphones.

Flexible base and protection options

Flexibility is paramount when designing fire systems. Eaton's range of addressable visual alarm devices includes options for a weatherproof IP66 deep base ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets and outdoors, red or white flash and up to 7 different base options across four form factors.

LED, the only technology to consider when specifying VAD's

Two types of fire alarm beacon are acceptable as a visual alarm device: Xenon & LED. EN54-23 specifies that whatever the position of the individual in relation to the VAD,  the occupant must see the flash off surfaces.

For complete coverage of the industrial example shown the following will be required:

12 Traditional Xenon Beacons or 1 LED beacon
to achieve the required 04 lux in the area of coverage.

It's not only in coverage where LED comes out on top. LED outlasts Xenon with up to 50,000 (70 months) continuously flashing compared to 14,000 hours (2 months) and it requires a much smaller enclosure due to its lower heat output.

Example showing different in area of coverage between xenon and LED's beacons deployed as visual alarm devices

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