Fire detection systems
LED Wall sounder beacon for addressable fire systems
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LED Wall sounder beacon for addressable fire systems

The range of LED wall sounder beacon for addressable fire alarm systems offer a range of different tones, volume levels, a built short circuit isolator and are soft addressed for ease of installation.

A highly efficient design enables the best of both worlds: excellent sound output levels and ultra-low current consumption. The alarm includes a high powered LED beacon to provide both audible and visual alarm signals, that provides a comprehensive notification device for emergency evacuation.

Two versions of the addressable LED wall sounder beacon are available: an indoor option and a weatherproof option which features an IP66 rated casing suitable for outdoor and wash down environments.

IP66 version available
EN54 approved
Easy to service

A high efficiency unit - customized by you

Encompassing 4 selectable tones (continuous, pulsed, two tone and slow whoop) and 3 adjustable volume settings (low, medium and high) that can be controlled by the panel, these sounders are ideal for use in schools and offices. The range is flexible to the volume and type of application required. All customisable sound settings can be changed by the panel meaning theres no need to access the sounder to alter the settings.

Reduce your power consumption without compromising on safety

The sounder beacons in this range are designed to make installation quick and easy. The loop powered devices boast an impressive sound performance whilst using a low operating voltage meaning power consumption is reduced. Both versions in the range can withstand below freezing temperatures down to -10°C, and with the IP66 version being protected from dust ingress, the sounders are suitable for outside and industrial use.

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