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MCS pressure switches

The MCS pressure switches of the Eaton Moeller series are control devices that measure the pressure of a medium and then convert this information into an electrical signal. They are used to monitor the pressure of liquids and gases. The MCS pressure switches have two adjustable operating points (on and off operating point).

pressure monitoring and pressure limitation
Scope of application:
a wide range of applications

Core features

  • Standard:
    • EN 60 947-5-1:2004 +A1:2009 + AC:2004 + AC:2005 (1-pole pressure switches)
    • EN 60947-4-1:2010 + A1:2012 (3-pole pressure switches)
  • To maintain a constant level of pressure
  • To initiate and terminate various control and regulation processes
  • To enable function sequences and signals

MSC 1-pole pressure switches

The MCS 1-pole pressure switch is used in control circuits and switches off indirectly via contactor control.

MSC(N) 3-pole pressure switches

The MCSN 3-pole pressure switches are designed for use in main circuits and switch on and off directly. In small and medium-sized compressors, the relief valve also ensures no-load motor starting

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