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PowerXL DG1 variable frequency drive

The DG1 general purpose drives form part of Eaton’s proven PowerXL series, and they are specifically designed for use in demanding, cutting-edge applications. The DG1 is a universal drive, with a special emphasis on pumps, fans and conveyor belts. Thanks to their energy-saving algorithm, high short-circuit rating and sturdy design, the DG1 devices offer enhanced efficiency, safety and reliability and come with all major global approvals. In addition to easy handling and a space-saving design, the DG1 drive is also characterized by a comprehensive range of on-board interfaces and communication protocols. The existing inputs/outputs can be expanded via two additional slots. By means of an optionally available WLAN module, the devices can also be easily integrated into industrial wireless networks. With mains voltages of 230 V, 400 V to 500 V, and 525 V to 600 V, the DG1 drives cover the performance range from 0.75 kW to 630 kW.

Internal intermediate choke
30 % peak THDi
single drive and multi-drive configurations
Suitable for a broad range of multi-pump and fan applications
Fire mode
to protect your systems in the event of fire

Core features

  • Industry-leading energy savings algorithm
  •  High short-circuit ratings, 100 kA
  • Comprehensive on-board communication protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, Bacnet MS/TP) and inputs/outputs
  • Robust power section with a nominal temperature range of -30° to 50° without derating
  • STO (safe torque off) safety feature
  • Two independent, cascadable and user-configurable PID controllers

Configuration made easy

The configuration of the PowerXL DG1 drive is quick and easy, thanks to the integrated LCD display. Only 18 parameters are necessary to commission the basic functions: motor data, frequency range, date, time, language. To make operation easier, the respective country language can be selected, which also reduces the time required for searching the manual. Once the system has been configured, the application is ready for operation.

Tough in harsh environments

All devices offer enhanced heat resistance and deliver full performance at ambient temperatures of up to +50 °C. The 100 kA short-circuit proof rating of the output is currently best-in-class on the market. Exceptionally durable fans and the adjustable fan controller ensure improved reliability. The DG1 devices offer enhanced PCB protection. As a result, the drives are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high levels of humidity and aggressive ambient air. Thanks to the high degree of protection (IP54 or IP66) they can even be used in places where no control panels are available.

Configuration made easy, with the Power Xpert inControl tool

The Power Xpert inControl software for PC will support you during commissioning. In addition to the general configuration and diagnostics features, the software can also be used for configuration and read-out of the integrated oscilloscope. This makes it possible to record data for up to eight channels simultaneously in increments of 10 ms. Apart from the PowerXL range, the Power Xpert inControl tool will also be used for all our future communication-enabled devices.

Eaton will support you with all aspects related to energy efficiency.

The ErP Directive and advances in machine automation are boosting the demand for variable speed devices, even in simple applications. What does compliance with the ErP Directive mean for you, and how can you make your applications more energy-efficient? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our comprehensive white papers and brochures, as well as in the podcast with energy-efficiency experts from Eaton.
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