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ZE/ZEB motor-protection relay

Motor protection is one of the central tasks of the electrical equipment of any machine. From bimetallic relays to the electronic motor protectors of the Eaton Moeller series, Eaton offers the right solution for any application. The motor protectors are UL/CSA and CCC approved as well as ATEX certified, which makes them suitable for global use.


Core features

  • UL/CSA and CCC approvals
  • ATEX certification

Bimetallic overload relays

The Z-series motor-protection relays offer reliable protection in the event of phase failures and overloads. They are suitable for the protection of EEx electronic motors and can be directly mounted on DILM contactors with up to 250 A.

ZEB electronic overload relays

The ZEB range offers solutions for sophisticated motor protection. The devices cover the current range up to 175 A, and can either be mounted directly on a DILM contactor or separately anywhere inside the control panel.
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