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easySafety programmable safety relays

The easySafety devices ensure the necessary levels of personal and process safety, both in simple and in more complex systems. The easySafety control relay from Eaton's Moeller series combines both safety and control functions in one device. The devices stand out for their ease of use and their intuitive operation. The individual functions can be combined with one another and provide rapid fault diagnostics for machine and system components. The easySafety control relay can be configured directly on the device or via a computer by means of the easySoft-Safety software. In addition to the safety circuit diagram, the devices also offer a circuit diagram for standard tasks, such as the processing of diagnostic messages. The available safety function blocks open up additional application possibilities.  

Comprehensive expansions:
Integrated easyNet for distributed system designs
Flexible operation and configuration:
Directly on the device or via a computer
Reliable operation:
Functional safety type approved

Core features

  • Safety and control relay rolled into one device
  • Prefabricated and tested safety function blocks
  • Tamper-proof thanks to the integrated software
  • Integrated display for rapid fault diagnostics
  • User-friendly operation directly on the device
  • Direct data exchange with a PLC via standard fieldbus modules
  • Comprehensive expansions via the integrated easyNet interface  

Safety for people and machines

In machine production, a wide range of safety-related components such as position switches or emergency-stop buttons are used to ensure the safety of people and machinery. The easySafety control relay simplifies the monitoring and evaluation of safety-related signals by means of dedicated safety function blocks. The latter offer comprehensive operating and diagnostic options. The safety function blocks include, among others: • Emergency stop • Monitoring of movable guards • Safe operation with two-hand control • Monitoring of electro-sensitive protective equipment • Standstill and maximum-speed monitoring

Fast and easy configuration

The easySoft-Safety configuration software makes it easy to create both safety applications and control tasks. The ‘easy’ device programming language is used for operation and configuration, which can be carried out directly on the device via the integrated display and keyboard. The memory card can also be used to transfer data to the easySafety devices. • Machines that are tamper-proof: safety applications are protected against tampering or accidental contact • Protection of know-how: undesired transfers of application know-how can be prevented • Flexible operation: standard applications and a wide range of diagnostic options can be safely configured at any time

Comprehensive networking options

Thanks to the integrated easyNet interface, the easySafety control relay can be comprehensively expanded by adding additional devices. By networking the easySafety devices with a standard ‘easy’ control relay, it is possible to add additional non-safe inputs and outputs. For the standard ‘easy’ control relay, Profibus-DP, CANopen, DeviceNet or AS-Interface communication modules are available, alongside a wide range of products and accessories which can also be used to network the easySafety devices.

Safety manual

The Eaton safety manual provides an overview of the relevant directives, standards and regulations and the most important requirements that need to be met when using protective devices in machinery applications. Based on example circuits, the manual shows how functional safety can be implemented in safety applications by means of electrical, electronic and programmable components and systems.

Eaton’s Moeller series—a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, Eaton’s Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Safety-related control relay easySafety

The control relay easySafety - a TÜV certified all-rounder.

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