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GALILEO software

The GALILEO visualisation software developed by Eaton is a powerful project planning tool for all XV devices and industrial PCs. It is easy to use and enables the creation of intuitive operating concepts. Applications created in GALILEO can be used across many different industries. GALILEO offers functions that are especially useful for international machine builders, such as language-specific keyboards and the option to switch between languages and units during operation. In addition, GALILEO can be used for on-site and web-based visualisation, as well as for mobile machine operation.

Efficient project planning:
User-friendly software interface
Flexible visualization:
On-site and web-based visualization
Time-saving series concept:
Elements can be copied across projects

Core features

  • Full HTML5 functionality
  • Supports all standard communication protocols
  • Supports gesture control (zoom, swipe)
  • Supports the integration of videos and pdf files
  • Graph functionality for optimal presentation of data
  • Quick access menu
  • Intelligent search and sorting function
  • Supports switching between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios

Universal remote access via web

GALILEO WEB is an integral part of GALILEO that makes it possible to create HTML5-based web visualizations with one simple click, even for users without any programming knowledge. The XV300 visualization can be easily accessed from up to five remote devices, such as a PC, tablet or laptop.

Visualization that’s quick and easy

With GALILEO, projects can be created in no time, thanks to the user-friendly and intuitive interface. And the project planning and commissioning times can be reduced by simulating the project on a computer.

An efficient project planning tool

Thanks to its comprehensive features, GALILEO optimizes machine and system operation from project planning all the way to maintenance. For instance, help screens, containers, data structures, user-defined objects and other components can be reused across projects. Users can select from a wide range of dynamic, graphical objects when creating a project. In addition, the container concept provides a clear overview even if many similar visualization objects need to be displayed simultaneously.

Intuitive operation

By integrating various design styles, animated image changes and gesture control features, such as wiping, scrolling and zooming, GALILEO supports the creation of applications that are particularly user-friendly and efficient. In addition, the available styles ensure the uniform appearance of objects across the entire project.

GALILEO software

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